The #activenourishgrateful prize pack is growing!!! @green_tea_hawaii_nq has upgraded their pack to include a tshirt and a Large box of their Green Tea and @divinegoddessyogaproducts has kindly allowed the winner to choose their colours of choice for the yoga mat, shorts and top! We also have the amazing Bodhi Whitaker who has donated a spot on one of his upcoming Art of Breath courses (stay tuned for his guest blog tomorrow) on the 2nd Aug or 27th Sept in Brisbane. Can’t wait to stop and have a good look through all of the amazing photos so far to pick a winner!

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#activenourishgrateful day 23: and breatheeeeeeee…. One of the most important parts of our #life is our breath, it keeps us #alive, it #detoxes our bodies, it tells us how we are feeling, it helps us #focus, it is our #life force. Forward bends are also amazing for the #breath and the #parasympathetic nervous system. challenging yourself to only go deeper into the stretch on an #exhale and allowing your body and your #mind to #relax can be immensely beneficial for your #sleep and #relaxation. Go on, try it!

As part of our #activenourishgratefulchallenge the #soulful and amazing Pip Herbert of Getting Grounded has written this #gorgeous blog about #mindfulness for all of our followers and those in the challenge.

Check it out!

Kat x

Little bit of legs in the air action to #clear my head today… Nothing makes you #concentrate on just #breathing and being present like a #headstand does πŸ™πŸ’™β˜ΊοΈ #activenourishgrateful #vieactivewear #vie #grateful #breathe #inhaleexhale #inversions @vieactivewear @fireandshine

Check out Mint and Magik’s blog post on what a Holistic Health Coach is.Β 

Blending in with my surroundings… I love the walk up to the #noosa lookout, such a short sharp track directly upπŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† thanks to @livinglovingnoosa for their help in kitting me out in the reversible #lj tights & my fav striped jumper πŸ’™πŸ‘Œ

Set your intentions, be deliberate.

By Kat Harding

As I was sitting on the beach I decided to finally pull out my Mi Goals diary and put pen to paper on what I was going to do to make my dreams become a reality.

#grateful. Grateful for the #sunrise each day, grateful for the #beach, grateful for this #beautiful place I call #home, grateful to be #alive. #activenourishgrateful

#activenourishgrateful day 20: I can’t believe it’s the end of the nourish part of the challenge although I’m sure it will never be the end! Today we asked you to share a recipe for a snack or treat that you love…

My treat/ snack is simple! Quarter and peel pears, sprinkle ground cinnamon on them and chuck them in the oven on around 160 for as long as you can (or until soft). Have them on their own or with some natural yoghurt and if you’ve got a sweet tooth like me you might want to add some raw honey πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ oh and they last in the fridge too so perfect to pre-prepare for the week ☺️ don’t forget to tag myself and @nicole_kropp to be in with a chance for our gorgeous prize!

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